// Image Info

Image Info creates a new layer containing the following information about the current image:
  • custom title
  • complete path & filename
  • image size
  • resolution
Helpful when you print lots of images and then you try to identify one of them.

The image is resized, so no content is lost. The height of the new layer is relative to the image height, so there is a possibility of unreadable text if the images are too small.
There is a little room for customization while all the fields are optional. On the layer the fields will be written from top to bottom (eg: if the custom title is missing, the image path will take its place). Colors are settable too (for text and background).
In GIMP (2.4.x and 2.6) the script is installed under the menu <Image> -> Add Image Info.
  • batch-mode processing (probably will lead to a python version of the script)
  • UI: a switch to choose whether the info is rendered on a new layer or directly on the image
  • embed EXIF information as fields for jpeg images taken with a digital camera