// microCounter

microCounter is a simple web-based counter written in PHP. it uses a visitor tracking system based on the visitors ip address. the counter stores the data in a mysql table.
microCounter saves the minimum information needed (session, hits/ refreshes,date, ip, filename) - decreasing the loading time of the webpage - but it offers detailed information (based on the records made) about visitors (number of refreshes/reloads, hostname, country, referrer domain, file downloaded) and traffic statistics.
a filter can be used to ignore specified ip addresses. the filter file can be edited manually for now, but in the next releases of microCounter the filters shall be defined via the frontend. a complete log of microCounter's activity is saved for later viewing.
microCounter defines a group of PHP functions which can be called from html or another PHP code to retrieve the recorded data. a web-based interface (using these functions) can be used to handle the database (create/empty/backup table), view records (last visitor, unique visitors, all visitors), view/ edit the filters, view/delete/save the log file.